An index of Madeleine Kelly's artwoks
Australian Painter, Artworks, Contemporary Art index
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The National 4, Art Gallery of NSW, 2023


One is the Loneliest Number, Museum in the Park 2022 & Sidney Nolan Trust 2023

Threads, QAGOMA 2020

Madeleine Kelly: Open Studio, Queensland Art Gallery 2020

5. Axis of Dream is a painting of a girl embracing a horse by madeleine Kelly shown at Ipswich Art Gallery Milani Gallery

What the Centre Cannot Hold, Ipswich Gallery 2019

index pic

Spin Out, Spun in, Milani Gallery 2019

Bird Projects 2014-ongoing

Madeleine Kelly Install shot exhibition Forms of Agency

Forms of Agency, c3 Contemporary Art Space 2018

Madeleine Kelly 2017 Diversity and Demise Encounters with pelagic birds and sub-linguistic form Wollongong City Gallery 11 February - 14 May

Diversity and demise, Wollongong City Gallery 2017

Leipzig International Art Program 2016

Madeleine Kelly Rock Poem 2013 engraved beach stone with cross contour of quartz

The Surface of Language, Griffith University Webb Gallery 2013

Ten Years of Contemporary Art, QAGOMA 2012

Madeleine Kelly Hollow Mark 2011

Hollow Mark, Griffith University Art Gallery 2011

The Crevice, Milani Gallery 2010

Heavy Heavenly Bodies, Milani Gallery 2008

Madeleine Kelly Melted Silver on the sea

Dreams of Utopia, Gadens Lawyers 2007

The Elephants’ Shelter, Bellas Milani Gallery 2006

Madeleine Kelly Installation of paintings Primavera 2005, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

Primavera, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 2005

Sparky the culture hero is a painting by Australian artist Madeleine Kelly of deer headed people shown at Milani and MCA primavera 2005

Fossilphila, Metro Arts Brisbane 2003